Boston Clutch - Rectangle Clasp

The Boston Clutch is a beautifully shaped box frame, totally customizable to individual tastes.  It is therefore the perfect little bag for a wedding, prom and even a fabulous alternative to flowers for bridesmaids.


The Boston Clutch is approximately 19cm in length at the bottom, 18cm in length at the top and the frame is 15.5cm in height, not including the handle.  Once the shells are covered and glued into the frame the approximate width of the whole bag at the widest point is 9cm.  It can easily fit an iPhone 8plus.


There is a channel in the handle of the Boston Clutch which allows you to add a strip of matching fabric.  This unique feature gives the Boston Clutch that extra appearance of professional elegance.


The frame and shells will arrive separated.  To adhere fabric onto the shells, it is recommended to sand the shells with a fine/medium grit sandpaper before applying a tacky glue, available here. The glue then needs to be left for between 5-10 minutes before applying your fabric choice. 


A good quality glue such as Gutermann HT2 Textile Adhesive, available here, should be used once the shells are dry, too adhere to the frame.


Matching 120cm shoulder chain available separately here.


Compilation photograph of covered Silver Boston Clutch with blue fabric a rectangle clasp, permission from and courtesy of Hole House Bags.


Compilation photograph of covered Gold Boston Clutch with pink interior and rectangle clasp, permission from and courtesy of Mary Carrington.

Boston Clutch - Rectangle Clasp