Plumpton Wire Frame

Sold in pairs, these steel wire frames are perfect for making the Plumpton, a beautiful design by Hole House Bags.  This design is perfect for a variety of uses.  Use waterproof lining for either a stunning little toiletry bag/make-up bag, or add a couple of leather handles for a neat little handbag.  Use pretty much any fabric to create your own masterpiece.  The rubber caps on the end of the steel frame, allow for easy insertion into the fabric channel.



Length at widest point approximately 210mm

Length across the bar approximately 160mm

Angled leg length approximately 50mm

Height approximately 45mm


These quality frames are chrome plated thereby protecting them from rust and corrosion.


Compilation photographs used, are with permission from and courtesy of Hole House Bags and Sherbert Bags.

Plumpton Wire Frame



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