Rectangle Glue-in Metal Purse Frame 15cm (without chain loop)

The frames are approximately 15cm (6") in width and approximately 7.5cm in height from the top of the frame (excluding kiss lock) to the bottom of the hinge.  The kiss lock balls are approximately 1cm in diameter.


Currently available in Antique Brass, Silver and Gunmetal, these frames are also available to purchase with a chain loop, giving you the option of wearing crossbody or over the shoulder.  Chains are available to purchase separately here.


These frames are glue in only (no screws) therefore a strong textile glue should be used to adhere your fabric into the frame - Gutermann HT2 Textile Glue is a popular choice.  It is also a good idea to offer your completed fabric pouch into the frame, before adding the glue, and leave for a few hours, or ideally overnight. This will allow the fabric to form a memory of the frame, thus making the final step, using the glue, a little easier. 


You can see from the compilation photos, permission from and courtesy of a Hole House Bags Workshop, that there are no limits to your creativity and flare when making these gorgeous purses.

Hole House Website, Hole House Facebook.


Liberty Heart Tweed Purse - Caroline Dixon

Pink Tweed with Buttons - Helen Mawson, Ellie B UK

Pink Tweed with Butterfly - Elaine Mawson


Orange tweed and turquoise check purse photos, permission from and courtesy of Heidi on the Hills Etsy, Heidi on the Hills Facebook.

Rectangle Glue-in Metal Purse Frame 15cm (without chain loop)

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