Sew-in Magnets

These 12mm x 2 mm angular sew-in magnets are sealed in a square PVC cover.


The price is for a pair of magnets.


For most applications you will need a magnet pair, hence, the magnets are available in pairs on a plastic strip. The plastic strip separates the magnetic pairs and makes the handling easier:

  • Peel off two opposite magnets from the strip and let them stick together.
  • Sew the lower magnet to the fabric. The top magnet broadly shields the magnetic field, so the magnets don't get caught at the 'foot' of the sewing machine** during sewing.
  • Now sew on the top magnet as counterpart. This ensures that the magnets don't suddenly repel each other.

* Many washing machines are magnetic. To avoid damage to the machine or fabrics you should wash clothing with magnets in a laundry bag on the delicate cycle (no spinning). Do not wash magnets hotter than 80° C, as this will cause the magnets to demagnetise.
** Even with this trick, sewing on magnets with a sewing machine is not that easy, since many parts of the machine are magnetic. When in doubt we recommend sewing on magnets by hand.


These magnets are free of harmful substances according to RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU.


Please read the Tips for safe handling information here.

Magnet Data Detail Sheet here.


Please note we are unable to ship Neodymium magnets to the USA, Canada and Japan.

Sew-in Magnets