Interfacing Extension Kit for The Foldover Purse by Hole House

Please note this is an interfacing only extension kit for the Foldover Purse and therefore does not include snap fasteners.


As requested, we now have an interfacing extension kit available for the Foldover Purse pattern by Hole House.  This extension kit contains the smaller pieces of  Decovil 1 (heavy), Decovil 1 Light and woven interfacing, as recommended by the pattern designer. The original kit, which can be found here, contains a pack of 10 Prym Anorak Fasteners but only enough interfacing for one purse.  If you purchase 1 interfacing extension kit, you will receive the right amount of all three interfacings to make another Foldover Purse.  This is a perfect way to use up those extra fasteners. 


One extension kit will include

1 piece of Decovil 1 (Heavy) 20 x 40cm

1 piece of Decovil 1 Light, 20 x 40cm and a further piece cut to 10 x 20cm

3/4m Woven Interfacing which is 112cm wide


The woven interfacing in this extension kit is cut to 3/4m, which is enough for one purse, however, if purchasing more than one extension kit, the interfacing will be cut continuously.  For example, 3 kits will include a piece of interfacing 2.25m long.  The Decovil 1 (Heavy) and the Decovil 1 Light, however, will still be cut as individual pieces. 


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