YKK Zipper Tape - Mid Grey 392

Sold by the metre and includes 2 matching zipper pulls.  Multiple quantities will arrive as a continuous length, along with the relevant number of zipper pulls, e.g, 2 metres of tape will include 4 zipper pulls.


Zipper pulls will not be attached to the tape, unless specifically requested. A link to a short video will soon be available showing how I attach the zipper pulls.


YKK zipper tape is unquestionable quality, and has been used for years within the textile and fashion industry.


This #5 zipper tape is the recommended size for bag making and it allows you to make single -slide or double-slide zippers of varying lengths.  Available in a range of colours, with more arriving soon.  Some of the zippers closely match our leather handles and buckles, so we have given these zippers and pulls the corresponding name, for example, light pink zipper tape bears a close resemblence to the light pink handles and matching buckle.


Extra zipper pulls are available separately here.



YKK Zipper Tape - Mid Grey 392



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